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Local Apps for Local People

Our localized mobile applications are intended to provide value to the people of the communities that they serve. The inMarquette™ iPhone & Android apps are changing the way that local citizens learn about the community around them. Apple has featured the inMarquette™ app in the "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" sections of the app store.

Reaching your target audience

Why pay to advertise your business on mediums that reach people with little or no chance of purchasing your product or visiting your store? By advertising on our localized applications you are leveraging our new system we call “active” marketing. Through this, consumers will not tune out your “passive” information because they will be actively engaged with the mobile device that they are using.

Business Apps

In the mid-90s there were some companies that tried to capitalize on this new and upcoming fad called the internet by building websites. Those companies that captured this opportunity reaped the benefits in ways that we are still reading about in Forbes magazine today. The question is, “What is the next opportunity?” Mobile Applications - let us help you build yours.